Operation Oneiroi

Project Pheme

Action Angelia


A Series of works centred around notions of pleasure, abstraction and none-sense.


Accellerationist Chic [ 2021 ]


why not? YOU NEED TO KNOW all about fashion, CHIC and BLOGGER LIFE in 2021. PURE fashion post-pseudo conceptual, no irony - pure JOY. pure AESTHETICS! pure CHIC!! pure COOL!!!! READ NOW! need for speed, better, faster, more. A blog narrated by the  character AC, taking the viewer on the journey of self exploration in a pure CHIC, BLOGGER, FAST, STYLE.


A project by Emma Alvin, Ana Viktoria Dzinic.


Crushed Ice Available [ 2021 ]


“I remember very clearly in my first month at #DIO, coming to the realization that I was going to have to work very hard just to be average. Like so many of our recruits, I had excelled academically, so when I showed up I was, frankly, kind of cocky. Those first few weeks were humbling, to say the least. I was – and still am – in awe of the talent and skills of my teammates and fellow DIO officers. They are some of the smartest, most interesting people I’ve ever met and I am incredibly proud to be included among their ranks” #HumansofDIO #pppp


A project by Ana Viktoria Dzinic and Mortiz Tibes.

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Interface Smiley  [ 2019 ]


"Facing the interface no one is noticing because no one cares enough for it to be a real thing"


A project by Ana Viktoria Dzinic

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